Robert A. Nicpon

Robert Nicpon

Robert A. Nicpon was born in Chicago, Illinois and he lived there until the age of 7. His family then moved to Des Plaines, Illinois where Robert went on to graduate from Maine East High School in Park Ridge. It was during Robert’s high school years that he discovered his passion for art, and it was in his last year of high school that he decided that he wanted to produce art for a living.

In 1983 Robert won an entry level scholarship to attend The American Academy of Art in Chicago, Illinois. At the school Robert studied life drawing under Master Draftsman Frederic Burger as well as graphic design and illustration, but he soon learned that his true love for art was in the traditional fine arts of painting and sculpture.

In 1985 Robert studied the craft of monumental sculpture production in bronze at The Naguib School of Sculpture in Chicago, Illinois. There he received an advanced placement, and he completed a three year degree in six months under the tutelage of Master Sculptor Mustafa Naguib.

From 1985 – 1989 Robert continued his fine art education at the Atelier Lack in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he studied the craft of painting in oil in the Direct/Impressionist method under Master Painter Stephen Gjertson. In his fifth year of study at the Atelier (1989 – 1990) Robert received specialized one on one training under Master Painter Richard Lack in the traditional painting methods of the 16th Century Venetians and the 17th Century Flemish.

Robert has also traveled extensively to study the great art of the world in major churches, cathedrals, and museums in France, Spain, Italy, Austria, and the United Kingdom, and, in the United States, New York, Washington D.C., Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Texas, Minnesota, Nebraska, Colorado, California, and Alaska.

Since 1987 Robert has worked out of the St. Paul, Minneapolis area and has produced numerous drawings, illustrations, portraits, paintings, and sculptures of such artistic merit and quality that they have exceeded the expectations of a varied and diverse clientele’. Notable commissions include: A portrait of Marius J. Andahazy, internationally renowned ballet dancer, choreographer and director entitled, “The Classical Vision”; A portrait of Albert J. Salvi, a former Illinois State Representative entitled, “By Virtue, Trust and Goodness” and six additional portraits of his family; A Life size bronze grouping entitled “Call of the Father – The Will to Serve” for Strake Jesuit College Preparatory School in Houston, Texas; A larger than life size bronze altarpiece entitled “That We May Live” for St. Ambrose of Woodbury Church in Woodbury, Minnesota; And a life size bronze grouping entitled “The Gift” for The Holy Family Parish Church in Inverness, Illinois.

In 2006 after Robert had discerned what the meaning of art was, he realized that what really matters the most when producing a work of art is telling “The Story” and telling it well. It was at that time his attention turned toward becoming an author. When he asked himself what was the most important story he could tell, he found the story of Gazpacho waiting inside of him and it became the major focus for him to produce in recent years. Along with his beloved coauthor Aurora Rose, a series of four books have been written that chronicle Gazpacho’s amazing life.

Presently Robert is working on the illustrations for the series of books that will be published through GMTA (Great Minds Think Aloud) publishing. In addition, he is working on a series of four major paintings and one monumental sculpture based upon the subject of the classical four elements.