Purgatory Creek



Purgatory Creek is located in Eden Prairie, MN and is now surrounded by neighborhoods and retail development. As can be seen in this painting it was quite pristine at the time Lack painted it. As with many of Lack’s landscapes, the creek was not far from his home. This landscape shows a strong influence of Dennis Miller Bunker’s work of the same subject matter. Note the use of red on the edge of the stream in Lack’s painting, in some of Bunker’s works (The Brook, Medfield) this appears more pronounced. Bunker employed this overt use of red in several of his landscapes. It provided a color balance to the saturation of green. If you look for it in nature you’ll see the red that exists there naturally, at times it can be very obvious. As in these works, a painter may elect to use this color and give it more emphasis to achieve a harmonious balance of color. It may seem to be an exaggeration but it’s not. It also works as a device to hold the viewer’s attention to the center of interest, the creek.