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Parker’s Lake



Photographed by Art Instruction Schools, where Lack was employed as an instrutor, and used in their publication The Illustrator to illustrate and article by Lack about how to go about painting a landscape. Parker’s Lake is located in Plymouth, MN, and is now a suburb of Minneapolis.sup>2 Compared to how it appears today the lake was very pristine with few homes on or near its shores as depicted in this painting.


1 There is no record as to who purchased this work or where they reside.

2 In 1914 The Bureau of Engraving, Inc. started Art Instruction Schools to help with the lack of trained illustrators for a growing printing and advertising market.

3 Hennepin County Parks: Parker’s Lake and the surrounding land, was originally purchased by John B. Gilfillan between 1891 and 1893. Gilfillan was born in Vermont in 1835 and was admitted to the Minnesota Bar in 1860 and was named U of M Regent, by Governor Pillsbury in 1880. He served in the 49th congress (1885–1886) and in the Minnesota State senate for ten years prior. His farm called “Ben Avon” was sold to the city of Minneapolis in 1923 so that a workhouse could be built on the property. The Gilfillan house was torn down and replaced with a new house for the superintendent of the workhouse in 1933. This was later torn down when the land was made into a park and replaced with a public pavilion. A Correction’s Facility replaced the Workhouse.