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George Ware

George Ware


Lack returned from his stint in the Army and quickly picked up where he left off. It is not clear that this was the first painting completed upon his return to Gammell’s studio, however it demonstrates his ability to execute this work as though he had never been gone. This was most likely a student portrait. Again, Lack demonstrates his ability to do more than technically capture a good likeness of the sitter. Though doing portraits wasn’t his favorite genre his suburb skills as a portrait painter were going to jump-start and then provide the foundation for his career.

Mr. Ware was born into a wealthy Massachusetts family that settled in Norfolk in the late 1600’s where they established a large and successful farming estate. The farm was passed down from generation to generation. Ware fell on hard times and moved from the farm into an apartment near the Fenway Studio’s where Gammell and his students were working. He and Gammell became friends, which resulted in his occasionally sitting for student portraits.1


1 Robert Douglas Hunter interview, June 2010