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Female Nude, Upper Body and Torso / Study for Andromeda



This study is for Lack’s first imaginative painting, Perseus and Andromeda. The painting depicts Perseus battling the sea serpent sent by Poseidon to harass the people ruled by King Cephus and whose daughter, Andromeda, was offered as a sacrifice to appease the god.1 Lack pays Homage to Rubens painting of this mythological event but many of his students agree that this pose and rendering of Andromeda is superior to that of Rubens. I agree with their assessment.1


1Thomas Bulfinch, “Perseus saves Andromeda,” pp. 114–119, Bulfinch’s Mythology, Barns & Noble, 2006: A compilation of his three books: The Age of Fables, first published in 1855; The Age of Chivalry, first published in 1858; and The Legends of Charlemagne, first published in 1863; All three were published by Review of Reviews company, New York, NY in 1913. Perseus appears in The Age of Fables. These two books are still considered the definitive resource for fables and mythology. Lack read them. He references Bulfinch’s book The Age of Fables as a notation on a series of mythological thumbnail concepts (UNDOC WDCT CONCPT: 042-a, List of Illustrations, Age of Fables).