Book: Richard F. Lack, Catalogue Raisonné

Richard F. Lack

Catalogue Raisonné: 1943-1998


More than 1,300 Paintings, Watercolors, Etchings,
Pastels, Drawings, Sketches and Studies
with 1,200 Reproductions

$85.00 per volume

Catalogue Raisonné
by Gary B. Christensen

Richard F. Lack Biography
by Stephen Gjertson

Catalogue Consultant: Prof. Gabriel P. Weisberg
Department of Art History, University of Minnesota

Richard F. Lack was one of the most important artists of the last half of the 20th century. Over the span of 63 years he completed more than 1,100 paintings, drawings, sketches, studies, etchings, woodcuts and watercolors. Early on in his career he received 34 Gold Medals, Best of Show, People’s Choice awards, and several scholarships for his atelier.

During the 24 years he ran Atelier Lack he taught 99 students, many of them now with successful careers. He wrote more than 30 articles about painting, was the editor of Realism in Revolution: The Art of the Boston School, and the author of On The Training of Painters, which was reprinted in eight editions. He participated in over 90 exhibitions throughout the United States, and had more than 200 articles written about him in fine arts publications, magazines and newspapers.

While the prolific number of works he completed in all genres places him in the upper echelons of 20th century artists, his research and preservation of the Atelier method in training aspiring painters underscores his historical significance. Today one can find countless numbers of ateliers around the United States and the world. One can make a case that this wouldn’t be so if Atelier Lack had never existed.

In 1982 Lack popularized the term Classical Realism to distinguish the traditional manner of painting from all of the other isms of our time: Photo Realism, Modernism, Surrealism, etc. Today the term Classical Realism has been successfully absorbed into the American art culture. Lack’s contributions to the reemergence of traditional painting and its current public appeal is without question.

The catalogue is being published by Afton Press, St. Paul, MN, in two volumes, in color, approx. 350 pages each, and retails for $85.00 per volume. The vast majority of the reproductions are reproduced in color. Volume 1 has the first three chapters of his expanded biography and the catalogue, 1943–1979. Volume 2 has the last two chapters of his expanded biography the the catalogue, 1980–1998. There are additional reproductions illustrating his articles, his biography and a section in the catalogue devoted to a select number of his students also included in Volume 2

The Richard F. Lack Catalogue Raisonné documents his achievements in the best way possible, by showcasing his work and his views about painting – its past, its future and the training of painters.

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