Welcome to the official website of the Richard F. Lack Catalogue Raisonné. More than 1,300 works, 1,200 with reproductions, will be presented on this site covering a span of 55 years. If you suspect you have a work by Richard Lack not displayed in the catalogue then select Submissions below. If you would like to make a contribution toward ongoing research and publishing expenses please select Donations. To find out how to obtain your own copy of the published book visit the Book page. We proudly present Richard F. Lack: Catalogue Raisonné 1943–1998.



The Catalogue Raisionné biography written by Stephen Gjertson, has reproductions from Lack’s early years, family, colleagues, career, exhibitions and Atelier Lack. For those who may own the original biography you will this one has been considerably expanded; over 4 times the amount of detailed information about his life and career with anecdotes and commentary by Lack about his craft.



The Catalogue Raisonné documents Lack’s works beginning in 1943, when he was 15, through 1998, the year he finished his last painting. You may search the catalogue by category, by era, and in the search bar below–if you have the title of a specific work or if you would like to focus your search to works of a specific era or year. The works are offered chronologically by year, and alphabetically within each year.

Lack Baby Study for Nativity

Studies and Their Paintings

The essay, “The Work Behind the Works of Richard F. Lack,” describes his creative process; from noting his ideas to developing a specific visual concept to refined studies and ultimately the finished painting. With many of his imaginative paintings this process spans from several years to a decade or longer, from conception to completion of the finished work. It presents reproductions of thumbnails sketches, developmental drawings and studies that Lack completed for what he considered his crowning jewels.

Lack instructing

Lack’s Legacy

Richard taught 99 students during the 25 years he ran Atelier Lack. We offer 22 select graduates of his studio art program. Richard Lack took his responsibilities as a teacher seriously. While under the tutelage of R. H. Ives Gammell he was introduced to the fundamentals of training based on the Paris ateliers. His continued research into the methods of the past masters, and their procedures in constructing paintings, was included in the training he provided.